At Sav & Økse you will find the sofa that feels like coming home. Our sofas combine Scandinavian design and Dutch sobriety with attention to detail, shape and seating comfort. In addition to the Sav & Økse sofa collection, we also have a Premium collection, which is handmade in Denmark. There is a wide choice in dimensions, fabric type and color and there are corner sofas, straight sofas or modular sofas. So whether you like minimalist, sleek, elegant or round shapes, there is always a sofa for you.

Model Ulla
Starting at € 1.490,00
Model Metta
Starting at € 1.019,00
Model Jolin
Starting at € 969,00
Model Rølde
Starting at € 969,00
Model Bjarka
Starting at € 1.195,00
Model Nomah
Starting at € 1.469,00
Model Swann
Starting at € 929,00
Premium Model Sanna
Starting at € 2.445,00
Premium Model Simke
Starting at € 1.929,00
Premium Model Kära
Starting at € 1.585,00
Premium Model Simke Teske
Starting at € 2.125,00
Premium Model Lova
Starting at € 2.378,00