We enjoy seeing Sav & Økse in the media. Do you want to write about Sav & Økse or do you want to use our furniture in a photo report, please contact us. We have razor-sharp photos and are happy to talk to you.


It is possible to use the Sav & Økse furniture for sets for photo shoots, film, commercials and other media recordings.

Attribution = discount

Less or no rent is charged for magazines and home magazines where a clear name is mentioned.

Rental for decor/prop use only

We do not rent out furniture for use. Rental is only possible if the furniture is used as decor/prop.

More information about rental

For more information about the rental options, please contact us via [email protected] or call +31 (0)75 7113930 .

To collaborate

Would you like to collaborate with Sav & Økse? We are curious about your ideas and would like to read them via [email protected] .