A wooden dining table is beautiful, but a beautifully designed wooden dining table is the superlative. From that point of view, Sav & Økse designed the dining table collection. The design tables made of solid wood in a Scandinavian style look light and slender. There is a choice of dimensions, shape (rectangle, round or oval), type of wood (beech, oak, walnut) and finish. Some tables are even extendable or have matching dining table benches. So there is something for everyone. Tasteful dining at its best.

Rikke Oak
Vanaf € 989,00
Olger Walnut
Vanaf € 1.405,00
Tomrer Beech
Vanaf € 685,00
Fjerre Oak
Vanaf € 879,00
Volante Round Whitewash
Vanaf € 1.549,00
Trompet Oak
Vanaf € 975,00
Onni Walnut
Vanaf € 2.159,00
Nonne Extendable Whitewash
Vanaf € 1.299,00
Samt Oval Walnut
Vanaf € 1.559,00
TD4 Wood Beech
Vanaf € 819,00
Gunni Whitewash
Vanaf € 939,00
Nonne Extendable Oak
Vanaf € 1.305,00