With a beautiful design sideboard as an eye-catcher you give character to the living room or dining room. You put your most beautiful things on top, with a cozy lamp or some candles. And what doesn't need to be seen can be hidden behind the doors or in the drawers. The wooden sideboards from Sav & Økse have a characteristic, contemporary Scandinavian design and are available in different sizes and types of wood. This is how our sideboards find their way into all kinds of interior styles.

Rikke Sideboard 3-Compartment | Oak
Starting at € 2.015,00
Kaarina Sideboard 4-Doors | Oak
Starting at € 1.669,00
Tempelman Sideboard | Walnut
Starting at € 1.859,00
Kaarina Sideboard 2-Doors | Oak
Starting at € 1.165,00