In the wall cabinets from Sav & Økse, your things get the attention they deserve. All those fine books, accessories, crafts from the children or mementos of beautiful trips are perfectly in place. The solid wooden cabinets are beautifully finished on both sides, so that they can also serve as a room divider. The design cabinets represent what Sav & Økse stands for: functional and beautiful design that matches the Scandinavian style of living.

Tempelman Highboard Cabinet | Oak
Starting at € 1.655,00
Rikke Highboard 3-doors | Beech
Starting at € 1.589,00
Olger Wall Cabinet | Walnut
Starting at € 1.889,00
Rikke Highboard 2-doors | Oak
Starting at € 1.659,00
Rikke Bookcase | Whitewash
Starting at € 3.559,00
Tempelman AP Cupboard | Walnut
Starting at € 1.559,00
Kaarina Highboard | Oak
Starting at € 1.549,00