The wooden stools and barstools from Sav & Økse embody the same Scandinavian design characteristics as our dining tables. The natural appeal of the exquisite solid wood complements virtually any interior, including your kitchen island, kitchen bar, and high dining table. A 65 cm high counter barstool is ideal for a kitchen island, while for the bar or high dining table, we offer wooden design barstools with a height of 80 cm. Grab a stool and pull up a seat – make yourself comfortable!

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Silja Counter Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 149,00
Silja Counter Barstool | Black
Starting at € 129,00
Silja Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 159,00
Olger Counter Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 315,00
Olger Barstool | Walnut
Starting at € 445,00
Fjerre Counter Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 169,00
Fjerre Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 179,00
Samt Stool | Walnut
Starting at € 345,00
Olger Stool | Beech
Starting at € 249,00

Scandinavian stools and barstools

With a stool, you can effortlessly create an extra seating spot. The wooden Sav & Økse stools and barstools, including the Junni and Edske with backrests, share the same distinctive Scandinavian design as our dining tables. Their slender design gives them a light and elegant appearance. The Olger stools, like the other Olger furniture, are also crafted from solid wood – beech, oak, and walnut. You can choose from finishes such as oil, lacquer, or whitewash (only for oak). Whether you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, dining room, or bar, our wooden barstools add a touch of warmth and character to any interior.

Oak barstools

The newest addition to our collection is the Silja oak barstool. The Silja is available as a barstool for the bar or standing table (seat height 80 cm) or as a counter barstool (seat height 65 cm) for the kitchen island. The variant with a height of 65 cm is also available in black. The ergonomic design of the Silja ensures a comfortable seating experience, whether you're quickly enjoying a cup of coffee at the breakfast bar or having a cozy evening with friends at the bar table.

A wooden stool for every interior

One significant advantage of our wooden barstools is their versatility in interior design. Whether you have a modern, Scandinavian, or rustic interior, the warm tones of oak seamlessly blend with various styles. It's the subtle yet striking addition of the barstools that transforms your living space without overpowering it.

Discover our complete collection of wooden stools online or in the showrooms in Zaandam & Utrecht.