Sav & Økse wooden stools and bar stools have the same Scandinavian design features as our dining tables. The natural look of the beautiful solid wood fits in just about any interior, including your kitchen island, (kitchen) bar and high dining table. A 65 cm high counter bar stool is perfect for a kitchen island. We have design bar stools of 80 cm high for the bar or high dining table. Grab a stool and take a seat, cozy!

Silja Counter Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 149,00
Silja Counter Barstool | Black
Starting at € 129,00
Silja Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 159,00
Olger Counter Barstool | Oak
Starting at € 299,00
Junni Bar Chair | Oak
Starting at € 195,00
Olger Barstool | Walnut
Starting at € 425,00
Samt Stool | Walnut
Starting at € 339,00
Olger Stool | Beech
Starting at € 235,00