For wooden dining room chairs you have come to the right place at Sav & Økse. Of course, the chairs combine perfectly with our wooden dining tables, but in fact they make a picture of every dining area. Our design dining room chairs fit seamlessly into the Scandinavian interior style and lovers of a vintage or minimalist style can also indulge themselves. In our collection you will find models with and without upholstery, just what you prefer. They certainly offer seating comfort.

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Scandinavian dining chairs by Sav & Økse

Discover our collection of wooden dining chairs with Scandinavian design. Crafted from high-quality oak, these chairs boast a minimalist, modern design with practical and pragmatic considerations. A Sav & Økse dining chair adds the perfect finishing touch to your dining area. Choose from models with or without upholstered seats. Our chairs seamlessly fit into homes with a minimalist or Scandinavian decor. Available in stock, they come with free delivery within the Netherlands. Order quickly and securely on our website or experience them 'live' in one of our showrooms.

Wooden chairs for every dining area

Our wooden dining chairs are the ideal complement to any dining area. Whether you're a fan of Scandinavian design, vintage charm, or a minimalist aesthetic, our chairs effortlessly blend into various interior styles. The natural character of the wood adds warmth to your space, while the sleek design exudes timeless elegance.

The design dining chair for you

At Sav & Økse, we understand that personal preferences vary. That's why we offer a diverse collection of dining chairs, ranging from upholstered models to sleek, uncomplicated designs. Whether you prefer the soft embrace of upholstery or the simplicity of an unupholstered chair, you'll find exactly what you're looking for with us.

Favorite Edske

The Edske has been a favorite since its introduction. Available in natural oak and black-stained oak, with a wooden or upholstered seat. Choose a fabric for the seat in our showroom. Online, this wooden chair is available in four standard seat colors. Known for its minimalist design, rounded forms, and impeccable finish, this wooden dining chair features a frame construction where the leg extends to support the backrest. The curved backrest ensures a natural shape and optimal comfort.

Danish dining chair Enni

Available in various colors, the Enni is one of the newest additions to the Sav & Økse chair collection. This Scandinavian dining chair features a beautifully simple base and a comfortable upholstered seat and backrest. A reinterpretation of classic Danish solid wood furniture, this wooden dining chair is now also available in dark brown stained wood and in oak whitewash, with various upholstery colors.

Stylish seating comfort

Our wooden dining chairs are not only a visual delight but also offer unparalleled seating comfort. Whether you're dining with friends for hours or quietly reading a book, our chairs ensure you sit comfortably. The ergonomic design and high-quality materials provide an optimal seating experience.