WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap

WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap

Natural | Spray Bottle 750ml
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WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap Natural in a spray bottle is a mild maintenance product for cleaning and maintaining oiled and hardwaxed tables. WOCA Oil Soap Natural is used for naturally oiled or color oil treated tables.

WOCA combines a mild cleaning with a simultaneous oil treatment of the wood. The surface is given an extra protective layer by the oil component. Major maintenance with maintenance oil or paste can therefore be postponed. Maintenance with Refreshing Soap can also be done locally. Not suitable for lacquer.

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With WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap Natural, the wood better retains its glow and natural color. Even after repeated use, because the oil penetrates into the wood and at the same time forms a new protective, matt layer in the upper pore system of the surface. With a traditional wood soap, the floor can look somewhat dried out over time, because the oil layer is damaged over time by soaping.

Shake bottle vigorously before use. Spray the Oil Refreshing Soap Natural on the surface. Wipe with a lint-free cotton cloth. NB! Do not use microfibres.

For extra shine buff with a white pad.

• Combines a mild cleansing with a simultaneous oil treatment
• Provides maximum dirt and water resistant surface from day one
• Enhances the natural color of the wood
• Leaves a matte, protective oil layer on the surface
• Suitable for children's toys
• Residential Biological Recommended

Product information

Packaging: 750 ml
Consumption: not measurable
Available: natural