Oranje Furniture Care Sticker and Glue Remover

Oranje Furniture Care Sticker and Glue Remover

Vial 250ml
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Oranje Sticker & Glue Remover Quickly and easily removes adhesive residue from stickers, labels, adhesive tape, self-adhesive felt glides and contaminants such as tar, rubber and oil from almost any surface.

Always test beforehand whether the surface (on which the label or sticker is attached) is resistant to Sticker & Glue Remover. First remove as much of the label or sticker as possible. Apply Sticker & Glue Remover to a cloth. Treat the remaining sticker and/or glue residue with this and let it soak in for some time. Remove the sticker and/or adhesive residue with a cloth.

If the result is insufficient, repeat the treatment.

Instruction and other information
Store in a cool and dry place in tightly closed original packaging. Keep out of reach of children.