Oranje Furniture Care Textile Refresher

Oranje Furniture Care Textile Refresher

Spay Bottle 500ml
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Oranje Textile Refresher removes, among other things, odors caused by urine, faeces or vomit of humans and animals, food residues, drinks (including alcoholic), moisture, mold and smoke from cigarettes/cigars/fire, etc. Suitable for natural and microfibre fabrics (furniture fabrics, carpets, clothing, car upholstery and carpeting).

Applicable to natural and synthetic fibres. Test for color fastness and resistance in an inconspicuous area before use. Only compare after drying. Textile Refresher is slightly foaming. Spray the surface evenly. Drying Time: Allow to dry for 2-4 hours.

If the odor has not disappeared completely, repeat the treatment.

Instruction and other information
It is recommended to ventilate the room during and after use (at least 3 hours after application). Keep out of reach of children.