Oranje Furniture Care Textile Power Cleaner

Oranje Furniture Care Textile Power Cleaner

Spray Bottle 500ml
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Oranje Furniture Care
Oranje Textile Power Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent for synthetic fabrics that removes stubborn dirt and stains. You can use the Textile Power Cleaner Spray from Oranje Furniture for furniture fabrics, carpet, curtains, box springs, garden cushions and car upholstery. This product is slightly foaming and you can spray the surface or stain and brush in lightly if necessary.

Applicable on synthetic fibres. Test for color fastness and resistance before use in an inconspicuous area. Only compare after drying. Power Cleaner is slightly foaming. Spray the surface or stain, brush in lightly if necessary. Allow to act before taking up with a clean cloth. Then wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

If the stain has not yet disappeared, the treatment can be repeated.

Instruction and other information
It is recommended to ventilate the room during and after use. Keep out of reach of children.