Oranje Furniture Care Textile Protector

Oranje Furniture Care Textile Protector

Aerosol 500ml
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Oranje Furniture Care
Oranje Textile Protector is a textile protector that optimally protects all types of textiles against accidents caused by water, oil or grease. Makes fabrics invisible stain and water repellent. The treatment does not change the look or feel. It is a protective agent that is suitable for all textile coverings.

Test for color fastness and resistance before use in an inconspicuous area. Only compare after drying. If it is used furniture, first clean the furniture with Cleantex. Incorrect use can cause respiratory symptoms or nausea.

Hold the aerosol upright and spray in even strokes from a distance of about 20 - 30 cm. Drying time: ± 12 hours.

Repeat treatment annually or after each cleaning.

Instruction and other information
Process only in very well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors. Continue to ventilate for at least 3 hours after application. Keep out of reach of children.