With the wooden cabinets, sideboards and TV furniture from the Sav & Økse collection, you not only opt for a tidy interior, but also for a cheerful mood. Your most beautiful vases, books and accessories come into their own in an open wall cabinet. For things that you prefer to store behind doors or in drawers, we have sideboards and highboard cabinets. And of course we also have TV furniture for your media equipment and associated cables, completely in style and matching your interior.

Kaarina Highboard | Oak
Starting at € 1.549,00
Rikke Highboard 2-doors | Oak
Starting at € 1.629,00
Rikke TV Cabinet 120 cm | Oak
Starting at € 1.335,00
Rikke Sideboard 4-compartment | Beech
Starting at € 1.809,00
Kaarina Sideboard 2-Doors | Oak
Starting at € 1.165,00
Rikke Highboard 3-doors | Oak
Starting at € 2.075,00
Rikke Bookcase | Oak
Starting at € 3.425,00
Rikke Sideboard 2-compartment | Oak
Starting at € 1.729,00
Rikke TV Cabinet 120 cm | Beech
Starting at € 1.009,00
Rikke Sideboard 3-compartment | Beech
Starting at € 1.639,00